Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Title: Purple
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Rainbow Pride Troupe (Colin and Mitchel)

He marched in sequined hot pants.  First holding Kyle’s hand for reassurance, and once Alton joined them—sandwiched between his best friends.  I shed a tear of joy for my beloved—our life was feeling normal again. 

I knew he would be exhausted after the parade; it was the longest he’d spent on his leg since the accident.  So after the parade, I found him; I handed him a bouquet of purple lisianthus with a short note. 
Our bed is covered in silk purple sheets and the candles are ready to be lit.  Let me take you home to celebrate our love. 
~The End~

Blue - Ziggy and Alton

Title: Alternate Blue
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Rainbow Pride Troup (Ziggy and Alton)

Ziggy and I raced to catch the police contingent—there had been a disagreement about my t-shirt. I wanted to wear my ‘Save a Drum—Bang a Police Officer’ shirt. Ziggy disagreed.  I could still feel his disagreement on my butt. I was now wearing my ‘Proud PAPD Husband’ tee.

We held hands as we passed the grandstands--marching behind the Chief of Police and fifty other officers—the crowd stood and gave a standing ovation. Ziggy had tears in his eyes.  I took a step closer to him and squeezed his hand.  “I am a very Proud PAPD Husband,” I told him.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Title: Blue
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Rainbow Pride Troupe (C.C. and Lavender)

I kicked my jeans and underwear off during the spanking.  I now lay crying over C.C.’s lap in just my flashing bra.  She rubbed a soothing hand over my sore bottom waiting for me move. I’m embarrassed she took down my pants and underwear--leaving me mostly naked, humiliated I was put over my partner’s lap for a spanking, angry I was spanked for making a fashion statement, guilty I embarrassed her, and tired and sore—all of which make me feel blue. But then C.C. cuddles and reassures me that she loves me dearly and finds my flashy bra sexy.  

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Title: Turquoise
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Rainbow Pride Troupe (Kyle and Mitchel)

Sergei gave me a very scary look.  “I didn’t mean to upset him.” I received a scarier look.  “I’ll fix it.  I promise.”

I walked around the table to where Colin and Mitchel were getting up.  “I’m sorry,” I said, looking very remorseful to both men. 

I pulled my shirt up to show the long scar down my belly.  “I still go shirtless.  Ziggy show him the scars on your butt—wait, never mind.”  The tension at the table was lessoning.  “You are too beautiful to let the scar rule your fashion decisions.  Stay.  Please.  I’ll buy you another scary turquoise drink.”

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Title: Pink
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Rainbow Pride Troupe (Mitchel and Alton)

Alton wrapped his arms around me as I cried into his shoulder.  “I’ll never be able to wear anything that shows thigh again.”

“It’s not that bad, Mitch, really.”

“I have a huge scar down most of my thigh.  What do you mean it’s not that bad?!”

“You could have died in that car accident, and the worst that happened was you broke your leg.  It’s healed now.  It’s pink, but it will fade. It’ll be fine.” 

He tried to sooth me, but it wasn’t working.  I used to have great legs.  “I packed all my short shorts for you.”  

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Friday, June 18, 2010


Title: Green
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Rainbow Pride Troupe (Colin and Mitchel)

“So you’re wearing your kilt AGAIN this year?” Kyle asked.

“Yes, but with sequins,” I answered trying to make it sound more exciting than it was. 

“How come you’re not matching Alt and me?”

I gave Alton a very dirty look.  Why hadn’t he told Kyle, then I noticed Kye’s evil smile.  I blushed in embarrassment—he could be so mean sometimes.

Thankfully Colin caught on and took hold of my hand, giving a loving squeeze.  He leaned into my ear. “Are you okay babe?  Do you want to go?”

I felt the tears building behind my eyes, and I nodded.  

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Title: Yellow
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Rainbow Pride Troupe (C.C. and Lavender)

Lavender walked into the bar wearing low rise jeans and an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow (flashing) polka dot bikini top.  I smiled as I watched C.C.’s eyes bug out from a combination of lust and anger.  C.C. usually had no problem with Lavender in various states of dress when they happened in the appropriate places—but C.C did not view the local cop bar as an appropriate place.  Lavender believed that during Pride weekend everywhere counted as appropriate. 

Alton, Kyle and I each sipped our margaritas as our Tops shot us looks implying we should keep our mouths shut.   

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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Title: Red
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Rainbow Pride Troup (Ziggy and Alton)

“It wawwn’t my fawt…,” I said sticking my finger in my mouth. Ziggy pulled it out to examine the bleeding digit. “That needle is evil.  It stabbed me.”  I pouted.

“You need to use a thimble.”

“A thimble makes it difficult to thread the sequins.”  Ziggy rolled his eyes, and then kissed my injured finger. 

“Owe, don’t press on it,” I complained.  Which earned me a combined kiss and swat. 

Ziggy took me by the arm and guided me into the bathroom.  He washed and dried the finger before applying a rainbow Band-Aid. “That should match your hot pants perfectly.”

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