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The Rainbow Pride Mystery - Part 5/7

Title: The Rainbow Pride Mystery - Part 5/7
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Sergei & Kyle, Ziggy
Discipline: None in this part
Sex: Yepp...it's there
Beta: Nicole

10:00 am – Thursday – Two weeks prior to the Pride Parade

I caught a cab back to the site after ballet class; I had the driver let me off at the corner. I paid the driver and headed towards the main gate. I was still dripping in sweat; I loved this master class. One of the worst parts about being in a traveling circus is having to find a good dance studio in each new city. I had been so lucky to find Jennifer, her choreography is a magnificent demonstration of her artistry, and it is a kick ass workout. I also loved that she required classic attire at all her ballet classes, women wear black leotards and white tights, men are in black tights and white t-shirts.

I pulled my t-shirt off and used it to wipe the sweat from my upper body. I then tossed the t-shirt and my shoes over my shoulder as I entered the main gate. “Bonjour Kyle, avez-vous un de bonne classe?” The guard asked, as I passed through the gate.

“Oui, Michele. Merci. Avoir une bonne journee,” I replied, with a wave. I continued through the compound and towards our trailer. The lights were on inside, which surprised me a little, Sergei often ran in the mornings when I went to class, and it was rare that I returned home first.

I walked into the trailer, and heard Sergei talking, “Oh, Kevin, hold on, he just walked in the door,” Sergei walked out of the bedroom and over to me, he kissed me on the cheek. “It’s your brother,” he said, looking at his watch, “I’m gonna try and get my run in before rehearsal,” I kissed him back. He handed me the phone, and mouthed, “love you babohka,” and he took off for his run.

“Hey Zig, how are you?” I asked.

“Great, kiddo, and you?” he asked.

I pulled a bottle of water out of the fridge and took a quick sip before replying, “I’m good,” as I contemplated that I really was, it had been a long and difficult spring, “thank you so much for coming out to watch our first night back since Sergei’s injury. It meant a lot to him,” I paused, as I felt the beginning of a lump in my throat, “and it meant the world to me.”

“I love you, Kye, I always want to be at the big events in your life, and I know that you and Sergei getting back in the ring together meant a lot to you,” tears rolled down my cheeks, as I listened to the kind and reassuring words of my big brother. I was thankful that I had decided to forgive his brief error in judgment concerning Vladimir. “Alton and I were thrilled we could be there. We love watching you perform; the two of you create magic when you fly,” Ziggy continued, it really amazed me that he could be such a mean ogre at times, because usually he was one of kindest, most supportive and respectful humans on the planet.

“So are things good with you and Vladimir?” Ziggy asked.

“As good as they can be, I guess,” I replied.

“Would it be possible for him to stand-in again?” He asked.

“NO!” I abruptly replied, “Why are you even asking that?”

Ziggy hoed and hummed a bit, “Well, see, Kye, we kind of have a situation here?”

“What kind of situation?” I questioned, “and why do you need Sergei? And how could you ask me to work with Vladimir, when you know everything I just went through? I swear to Christ, Ziggy, sometimes you can be the most selfish person I know. The Department wants Sergei to come translate something for you…and you toe the company line. Did you pick up some Russian mafia guy and now you want Sergei to come goworjte na Russkom qzyke…well you all can just fork out the money and hire yourselves a professional translator…”

“Interpreter,” Ziggy interrupted, “Translators are for the written word, and interpreters are for the spoken word.”

“Who the fuck cares? Sergei's not going anywhere,” I huffed.

“Well, good, Sergei doesn’t need to go anywhere. The chief was hoping to call you in from reserve status.” Ziggy stated.

“Huh?” I questioned.

“There was a break-in at The Center last week. We think it may have something to do with the Mz. Rainbow Pride Pageant. The department would like to put someone undercover to see what they can find out. Kyle, we don’t have anyone in the department that could pull it off…and you are on the reserve force,” Ziggy’s voice was strange, although his words were asking me to help, his tone of voice seemed to be indicting I should say ‘no.’

“Zig, what do you mean call me up from reserve status. The reserve unit is just in place for disasters,” I stated.

“As far as the Mayor and the Chief are concerned this is a disaster,” Ziggy sighed. “Look we can take care of it, but I told them I would ask you. So, I’ve asked. No big deal, kiddo. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” I sat down on the couch and put my feet up on the coffee table. This I had to hear, “Go on. I’m intrigued. I want to hear about the case.”

“Kiddo, really, I asked you, it’s not going to work, let’s just drop it. I’ll tell the Chief to figure something else,” Ziggy stuttered.

“Come on Zig, spit it out, I want to hear, and if you won’t tell me, I’ll just call the Chief myself. Can I reach him on the main line? What is it?” I asked pretending to look through our phone book, “555-6972?”

“Yes, that’s the main number and yes, you can reach him on that number,” I could tell Zig was starting to get a little peeved.

But, hey when you have your big brother by the short and curlies, you just have to tug a little, “Okay, I’ll call you back after I talk to him. I’ll make sure and let him know you were just being protective of your baby brother by telling me you didn’t really need my help.”

I heard Ziggy let out a large sigh, “There was a break-in last week at The Center,” he started.

“Uh huh, go on,” I encouraged.

“Someone broke into the safe and stole the bingo money.”

“What does this have to do with me, or for that matter, the Mz. Rainbow Pride Pageant?” I asked.

“Well this year as a fundraiser, and to get some added publicity for the pageant, The Center was displaying a bunch of historical beauty pageant items, included as part of the exhibit were several very valuable tiaras,” Ziggy paused, “two of the more expensive tiaras were stolen.”

“So, you’re after a thief with taste. I still don’t get what this has to do with me,” I stated.

“In addition to the bingo money and the tiaras it appears that the robber was interrupted while copying the Mz. Rainbow Pride contestant applications. We think that the suspect may have been actually trying to get information about contestants in the hopes of having a better shot at winning the crown. We aren’t sure whether the actual robbery was planned or was just convenient.”

“How do you know you don’t have some homophobic/transphobic asshole who was trying to get information about the contestants so he could hurt them?” I asked.

“We have some fingerprints,” Ziggy said, “but, the suspect does spend time at The Center, so the fingerprints alone aren’t enough for us to press charges.”

“So, who’s your suspect?” I questioned.

The line stayed quiet, causing me to look at the phone to see if I still had a signal, “Zig?” I questioned again, “Who is the suspect?”

I heard Ziggy take a deep breath, before he began, “Hmmm, that is kinda where you come in, we think it is Jarvis Eckholts, also known as, ‘Tallulah Tourmaline’.”

“That bitch!” I exclaimed, “I am so in. I’ll go pack my bag right now, have you made plane reservations for me? I can be at the airport in ninety minutes, and home before sunset.”

“Kye,” Ziggy tried to butt in.

“Oooo, it is about time someone caught that cheating, slimy, whory queen.”

“Kye,” he tried again.

“How long of sentence will she get for this? Will it be hard time? She won’t be able to last a week without a mani/pedi. Oooo, I hate her!”

“KYLE! Slow down, he is a suspect, we don’t have actual proof yet,” Ziggy tried to calm me.

“Zig, you know that slutty, trashy, good for nothing is guilty,” I continued, “He has always turned his nose up at me, because he comes from money. Well she may have all the money in the world, but she’s still ugly.”

“Kiddo, I know you don’t like him…”

“I don’t like him, I just don’t get why you don’t HATE him, he tried to break up you and Alton,” I stuttered out my anger.

“Jarvis has issues, I admit it; he is not currently one of my favorite people, but he still should get the benefit of a doubt…but the Chief and I feel that if you come home and enter the pageant, it might cause Jarvis to try another act of sabotage to win the pageant,” Ziggy stated. “This is a big deal, we would need you to come home and go undercover for a couple of weeks; it could be dangerous. I want you to think about it some more, talk to Sergei and give me a call tomorrow.”

“Yes, the answer is yes. I’ll do it. When can you get me a flight home?” I firmly stated.

“Kyle, you need to think a little more about this. How will it affect your act? Are you sure Vladimir could sub for you? Do you want him to? Is it even all right with the producers? This could be dangerous; you need to talk to Sergei. Find out if it could work and give me a call tomorrow, okay, kiddo?”

“I don’t need Sergei’s approval, and all that other stuff is fine, I have vacation time, and anyway I'm protected if the Department calls me in, it’s not like I'm running off to Cancun for the weekend,” I huffed.

I swear I could feel Ziggy role his eyes at me over the phone, “Kiddo, talk to Sergei and your producers. Call me tomorrow morning, and I want to talk to Sergei, to know that he is okay with this,” Ziggy calmly stated.

This time I stomped, “I'm a grown man, and a member of the Department’s Reserve Police Force, if the Chief of Police thinks I can do the job, I don’t see why you and Sergei have to approve.”

“Kyle, Sergei is your partner, I think he should have a say if you choose to take on a dangerous police assignment,” he said.

“For Christ’s sake Zig, I’m an aerialist who does dangerous life threatening stunts, without a net, seven times a week,” I asserted.

Ziggy let out a laugh, “I know, I know, I would just prefer to know that you had really thought this out and that Sergei was okay with it. I’m going to e-mail you some more specifics on the case. Read it through, talk to Sergei and call me in the morning okay?”

“Okay,” I said, with a large sigh for emphasis of my displeasure.

“I love you kid. I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” Ziggy signed off.

“I love you, too. Talk to you in the morning,” I said before hanging up the phone. I sat on the couch sipping water for a while. I couldn’t think of any reason not to do this, or why for any reason it would be dangerous. I was going home and entering a drag queen beauty pageant, my main job was to get gossip and try to make another queen slip up…really this was just a normal night out at a drag club.

I was awakened from my thoughts by Sergei coming through the door, “You haven’t showered yet?” He asked.

“No,” I said, “We need to talk.”

“Okay, butterfly. What’s up?” Sergei sat next to me on the couch and placed his hand on my knee.

I told him about Ziggy’s call and the Department’s request. We read through Ziggy’s e-mail, had a long talk, called Vlad and the producers, and then my love said to me, “Go for it butterfly. I think it's the right thing to do. I do want you to promise to be safe and let the full time officers do the dangerous stuff, ‘kay?”

I nodded and leaned into him for a kiss.

We had canceled the day’s rehearsal, and the producers agreed to put another act in our place for a couple of days while Sergei and Vladimir worked out the kinks.

“Well love, we stink,” Sergei announced, “let’s get in the shower and then get you packed.”

I walked into the bedroom and began to undress. As I removed my tights and dance belt, a rolled up set of socks fell to the floor. Sergei picked them up and laughed, “You, moq Babohka, are the silliest man I have ever known.”

“What?” I questioned, as I stood naked before him and watched him undress.

When he was fully undressed, he took me by the hand and led me to the shower. He let out another laugh, “I just love that you must always be the center of attention, whether you have tucked yourself to be the most beautiful woman in a room or stuffed your dance belt to be the most endowed in the room, you always want all eyes on you.”

He placed his hand on my cheek and kissed me, deeply, fully and thoroughly.

I smiled at him, “What can I say? I’m a performer.”

We stepped into the shower and Sergei placed his hand on my penis, “It is such perfection,” he said, gently running his thumb over the head, “it just amuses me and thrills me that you usually either hide it or enhance it. But, when it is in its true and perfect form, it's only for my eyes,” Sergei knelt down on the floor of the shower, “for me to worship,” and with that he engulfed my cock with his mouth.

I leaned back against the shower wall, a long sweet breath escaped my mouth as he laved at the tip. I thrusted forward, trying to show him that I needed and wanted more. He placed one hand on my hip to hold me in place, unable to thrust anymore. His other hand began to caress my sac, causing me to rise up on my toes.

The head of my cock slowly fell from his mouth. I was rock hard. Sergei began to run his tongue up and down my shaft, his hand traced up from my testicles to my slit.

I looked down at him and he smiled as he watched the ecstasy expressed in my eyes. His hand moved upwards from my hip towards my mouth and when it got there I began to suck on his fingers, while his mouth went back to work sucking, licking, and teasing my cock in all the right ways.

My hands could do nothing but push against the shower wall in hope of being able to brace myself for what I knew was going to be a fantastic orgasm.

The hand that had once caressed my balls and teased my slit, was now making its way across my perineum, headed for my anus, “Uhhhh,” I grunted, and his hand left my mouth and returned to my hip.

He pressed a finger into me as I exhaled; his finger quickly began to massage my sweet spot. It didn’t need to massage long, as my balls began to tighten and I thrust forward into Sergei as I came.

Sergei let me gently fall out of his mouth. He stood and pressed himself against me for a short but firm kiss.

I turned him around and took hold of his penis with both my hands. I gently worked him with my thumbs and index fingers as Sergei made small thrusts into my hands. It didn’t take long to bring him to climax, and I continued to milk him throughout his orgasm.

Now that we were both sated, we slowly shampooed and washed each other, and then just stood under the warm spray and kissed until we began to shiver as the water turned cold.


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The Rainbow Pride Mystery 4/7

Title: The Rainbow Pride Mystery Part 4/7
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Mitchel, Ziggy & Alton, CC & Lavender
Discipline: None in this part

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****

9:55 am – Sunday


I revved my Harley. I was so excited to be on my Hog and have Lavender sitting behind me with her arms draped around my waist. She must be slightly uncomfortable, she had to be arching her back to keep the spikes on her bra from pushing into my back. I reached behind me to undo the clasp on her bra, “I think it’s time for you to loose that,” I said, and gave a gentle tickle to her side. Lavender slightly jumped and giggled. She clasped the bottom of my tank top and raised it over my head, laughing as my large tits jiggled at the loss of my top. I turned to kiss Lav as she pushed her bra and my top into the side pocket of one of the saddlebags, and we were off, Lavender again placed her arms around me as the motorcycle moved forward into the cheering crowd, this time they were cupped around my full breasts.

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****

10:45 am – Sunday

I was applying sunscreen to Lavender when my radio squeaked to life and I heard Brokowski’s voice, “Shots have been fired at The Center’s float.”

“Fuck,” I said. I pulled on my sports bra and then my tank, before responding to the call, “This is Detective Moore, I’m at the end of the parade route, over.”

“Moore, the floats at 3rd and Davenport. What’s your ETA?” Brokowski asked.

“Ten minutes, Chief,” I responded.

“Roger that, get a move on. Your partner should already be there,” the Chief instructed.

I slipped my badge over my head and attached my radio to my pants, “Lav, baby, I gotta go. I want you to find a safe spot.” She nodded. “Stay away from the parade route, especially The Center and Ms. Rainbow Pride Floats, got it,” I pulled her into a quick hug and kissed her on the forehead. I hopped back on my bike, and started it up, “Baby, maybe you should put your bra back on, I don’t want your nipples to get burned.”

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****

I arrived at the scene, and immediately found Ziggy. He was standing next to Alton and Mitchel at the end of an ambulance, with paramedics attending to a young man with a bloody nose, ugly gash on his cheek, and a split lip.

“Hey, Cees. The perimeter has been secured, this is the only injury. We haven’t located the shooter, it looks like he took out the left rear tire of the float,” Ziggy gave me the update, “Trevor here, bumped into the float when it halted because of the flat. The Chief wants us to get statements from the kids that were at the back of float. I already got Trevor, Alt, and Mitchel’s. I think we should go talk to that group of kids over there,” he motioned to a group of kids sitting on the sidewalk. Turning back to the ambulance, Ziggy instructed, “Mitchel, please call Colin and tell him you are okay. I want both you and Alton to stay here until I come and get you. Got it?” Alton and Mitch nodded confirmation to him, “I am serious, this is the safest place for you. I do not need either of you wondering around and interfering in the investigation or getting hurt,” he gave them both a very stern look, before continuing, “I mean it. No Cagney and Lacy, no Hardy Boys, no Goren and Eames.”

Alton smiled sarcastically, “What about Simon and Simon or Charlie’s Angels?”

Mitch giggled, “We can’t do Charlie’s Angels, Jill is over on the Ms. Rainbow Pride Float.”

“Cut it! This is serious. You two will not go anywhere near the Rainbow Pride Float! If you are not here when I come back, I will site you both for interfering with an investigation,” Ziggy warned.

“Pthttt,” Mitchel blew a raspberry, “Zig, your no fun.”

Ziggy turned and pointed a very firm finger at Mitchel and Alton. Alton lightly slapped Mitch on the shoulder, “We promise, Zig, we’ll stay here, out of the way. Don’t worry about us. Go finish your investigation,” Alton blurted out before his partner could blow his top.

“Please guys, you need to stay here,” I said over my shoulder as I pulled Ziggy towards the group of kids sitting on the sidewalk.

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****
**** **** **** **** **** **** ****

10:47 am – Sunday

CC detached the saddlebags from the bike and gave me a quick hug and kiss. I watched her hop on her bike, rev it up and then she turned, “Baby, maybe you should put your bra back on, I don’t want your nipples to get burned.”

Ugg. Fine. I reached into the side pocket of the saddlebag where I had placed my bra and her tank. Empty. What the fuck? Maybe Cees had pulled it out when she was getting her tank on. I looked on the grass all around me. Nothing. Great, now what am I supposed to do, Cees’ll be pissed if she gets back and I don’t have it on, plus we paid a lot of money for that bra and it is one of my favorite costumes. Fuck, I’m just going to have to cruise back down the parade route and find where it fell out the saddlebag.

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****

I had traveled at least half of the parade route without finding my bra when I realized I had reached The Center’s float. It was all marked off with police tape. Shit. I was going to have to get around this without CC seeing me. God, the messes I get myself into.

I spotted CC and Ziggy interviewing some kids. I hid behind a bus stop sign to think about where to go next. Peeking over it every so often to check on where Cees was.

“Okay, let me get this straight, you were following the float, when you heard the loud bang of the shot, then you saw the tire blow. You looked around but you didn’t see anything unusual,” I heard CC read back over her notes to the group of kids she and Ziggy were interviewing.

“Detectives. Detectives,” a young Police Explorer came running out of breath over to Cees and Ziggy, he held up a small piece of black leather, it seemed to have some shiny bits on it. OH, FUCK! MY BRA! “The Chief wants you to wrap up the investigation. It seems that the float ran over this,” he held up my bra, “uh…uh…”

“Bra,” CC stated for him.

“Uh, yeah the float ran over this bra, and the spikes in it blew the tire,” the kid finished.

Ziggy erupted into laughter.

I swear I saw steam coming out of CC’s ears. Time to find a very safe hiding spot. So, now not only was I in big trouble for disobeying Cees, my bra had sparked a major police investigation, halted the parade and I don’t think she would be terribly pleased that I was wandering around topless in front of her colleagues.

I moved cautiously with small crowds of onlookers behind the police tape, eventually I spotted Alton and Mitch sitting on the bumper of an ambulance. I discreetly ducked under the tape and made my way towards them. I had to stop and duck behind the open passenger door of the ambulance when I saw CC’s boss, Chief Brokowski, walking past talking into his radio. I crouched behind the door, and heard Brokowski’s voice boom from the radio, “False alarm, let’s get this area cleaned up and the parade moving again. Young, what’s the status at the Mz. Rainbow Pride Float,” no answer. Brokowski’s voice bellowed again, “Young, give me a status!”

“Chief, a fight just broke out, we need back-up here quick,” I heard Mary Young’s voice answer back.

“Attention all available officers, report to the Mz. Rainbow Pride Float,” a dispatcher called out.

I tried to signal Alton and Mitch, “Psst,” I whispered. Nothing, they just continued their conversation.

“This has to be tied to the break-in, it just can’t be a coincidence that in the same month The Center was broken into, someone fires a gun and flattens the tire on The Center’s float,” I could hear Mitchel hypothesizing.

“Do you think?” Alton questioned, “Zig said it was just a random act.”

“Yeah, a random act, until this happened,” Mitch replied.

“PSST!” I again tried to signal the guys. Still no response.

“I bet there must be some link to the Ms. Rainbow Pride Pageant or Zig wouldn’t have told us to stay away from there,” Mitch continued.

“Maybe, Zig did seem a little concerned when we ran into Zsa Zsa, and she said she had entered the pageant,” Alt seemed to be thinking out loud, “and it seemed really weird that we didn’t know Kyle had come home to compete.”

What, I didn’t know Kyle was home. Fuck, if he was over at the float, he could be in danger, “PSST! Alton!” I tried again.

Alton got up off the bumper and came over to me, “Lav, what are you doing here?”

Mitchel peeked his head over Alton’s shoulder, and let out a little giggle, “um, Lav, I don’t think CC would appreciate you being topless over here,” he commented.

“Mitch, keep it down, CC’ll kick my ass, if she knows I am over here,” I replied.

“So, why are you here?” Alton asked.

“I lost my bra. I came looking for it,” I responded, “Hey, Alt, lend me your shirt?”

Alton made a face, “Yeah, I guess,” he responded, while he reluctantly took off his shirt.

I took the shirt, pulled it over my head and tied the bottom corner into a knot, so it shortened the T to display my navel, “Did you say that Kyle entered the Mz. Rainbow Pride Pageant?” I asked.

“Yeah, why?” Mitch questioned in response.

“I just heard someone request back-up to the Float, come on, we better go make sure Kyle is okay,” I said pulling Alton and Mitch away from the ambulance and back onto the parade route.


The Rainbow Pride Mystery 3/7

Title: The Rainbow Pride Mystery 3/7
Author: Tarabeth
Pairing: Ziggy/Alton and introducing Zsa Zsa
Warnings: a little blood...
Thank you, dear Nicole, for helping with pronouns...if they are confusing it is my fault.

Ziggy – 9:40 am – Sunday

“Can I help you?” The handsome young barista asked.

“Yeah, I’ll have a vente, iced tea, black, unsweetened; a vente, iced, latte; a grande, non-fat, no whip, mocha; and,” I looked over to Alton. He was still staring at the menu his face slightly contorted with a look of utter indecision. This was our routine; Alton had to agonize over his options, every morning, until he ultimately ALWAYS ordered a tall, soy, no whip, hot chocolate. “Alt, do you know what you want?” I asked.

“I can’t decide. The orange crème frappachino looks really good,” he said, his face still showing his indecisiveness, “or maybe a passion iced tea.”

“What about a hot chocolate?” I offered.

“Oh, that sounds perfect,” he said giving me his sweet smile, as if he had never considered the possibility.

“And a tall, soy, no whip, hot chocolate,” I said, looking to Alton for confirmation. He nodded. I paid and we moved over to the pick-up counter to wait for our drinks.

“AL-TON,” I heard a high-pitched shriek, coming from behind us. Zsa Zsa Galore, or as his mother knows him, Kyle, ran up to Alton sweeping him off his feat and into a spinning hug. This was no easy feet, as Zsa was wearing six-inch platform, metallic fuchsia sandals ornamented with rhinestone butterflies. The heals of the sandals were made of stacked spears, which reminded me of an anal toy that Alton had been begging me buy. Zsa’s outfit consisted of a thinly strapped bright pink, satin embroidered floral corset, which displayed cleavage any woman would die for, a matching stretch satin pencil skirt, and pink fish net stockings. Zsa Zsa was sporting a beautiful blonde pageboy wig along with a classic French manicure and pedicure. A beautiful black pearl choker necklace with a floral motif centerpiece, and matching bracelet, earrings, and ring accented the outfit. The ring was worn over soft pink opera length gloves.

I realize it is odd for a police detective to be aware of such fashion detail, but you see Kyle is my little brother, and just as he can recite police code with the best officers on the beat, I pay strong attention to the details of Zsa Zsa’s costumes.

Kyle set Alton back on his feet and pulled me into a long held embrace. He kissed me on the cheek as I asked, “What are you doing here? I thought you were on tour.” Kyle is an acrobat and tumbler for a major circus company; he keeps an apartment here, but is on the road most of the year.

He pulled off one of his gloves and gently whipped his lipstick imprint off of my cheek, “Our equipment had a minor malfunction and has to be reworked. So, I am off for a couple of weeks and I decided to come home and capture the Mz. Rainbow Pride Crown,” he answered.

I turned to Alton, “Did you know he was coming home?” It’s rare that Kye would show up unannounced. Alton and I speak with him at least once or twice a week.

“No,” Alt replied, pulling Kyle into another embrace, “but, I am happy she’s here.”

Kyle and Alton are both 26, and they have been best friends since the 4th grade. For the majority of my life, Alton Riggs was one of my little brother’s snotty, troublesome friends. He was a constant annoyance at our house, even after Kyle left to study circus arts. I figured that Alton’s continued presence at my parent’s house was because he missed Kyle, and being with our family was a way to lessen his loneliness; that is until he kissed me.

“You’re beautiful, Kye,” Alton said, as he glanced over Kyle’s ensemble, “Did you make it?” He asked, while running a finger across the intricate embroidery of Zsa Zsa’s corset.

Kyle gently nodded, “Alton, baby, what the fuck are you wearing?” Kyle gave a little flick to Alton’s kilt. The sarcasm and disgusted tone of voice was truly that of the embodiment of Zsa; Kyle would never tease Alton that way.

I shot Kye a look of displeasure with his treatment of my partner, but Alton let out a laugh, “It’s great isn’t it. Mitch and I ordered them. He’ll be here in a little while, but I doubt he has boxers on under his,” Alton’s voice had now taken on a note of displeasure.

“Darling, you’re not wearing panties under your skirt, are you?” Kyle asked. “Didn’t I teach you better?”

Alton gave a little nod of his head in my direction, causing Kye to let out his masculine laugh, “Oh, my big brother is such a prude,” he said throwing his arm around my shoulder.

I landed a light swat on Kye’s ass.

“Incest is not best, big brother! Keep your hands to yourself,” Kyle responded while moving my hand away from him and to my side.

I let out a soft chuckle, “God, I miss you kid,” I said, quickly pulling Kye into a rough, brotherly embrace.

“Watch the dress, Ziegfeld!” he said, quickly pushing me away.

Kyle, Alton and the third member of their troupe of cross dressing 10 year olds, Melvin Mitchel, knighted me Sir Ziegfeld, during the time I served as the 13 year-old producer and protector of their follies. The name was eventually shortened to Ziggy, and here I stand 16 years later.

“Alton and I are meeting Colin and Mitch in a couple of minutes to watch the parade, come join us,” I offered an invitation to Kyle.

“Sorry, love, I will be on the Mz. Rainbow Pride Float with the rest of the contestants. I have to run, or those other queen’s will snag all the best spots,” Kyle blew a kiss and quickly exited the shop.

I picked up our tray of drinks, Alton grabbed the rest of our gear and we left to claim our seat along the Parade route.

We were sitting on the sidewalk when CC and Lavender pulled up in front of us on CC’s Harley. CC was wearing slightly too tight black leather pants and a white tank top. She obviously didn’t have a bra on, as the thin material of her tank top fully displayed all of her ample bosoms. Lavender was on the back of the bike holding a small ice chest; she was wearing a very short pair of jean shorts (they might be better described as jean hot pants) and a spiky black leather bra.

Lavender handed the cooler to Alton, and hopped off the back of the bike. She wasted no time in peeking a look under Alton’s kilt, and let out disapproving, “Pthhht” when she discovered that his privates were not public, “Hey, I thought you were going Keanu.”

Alton slightly stuttered, “Well, there are going to be a lot of Ziggy’s colleagues around, so, uh, I thought it was probably better to cover up,” he answered while looking at the ground and swaying slightly. I took his hand and gave him a gentle and reassuring squeeze.

“Big deal, a lot of my coworkers are around, and you won’t see me covering up,” Lavender replied with a giggle. Lavender works as a topless go-go dancer at Klon’s Dyke Bar.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

10:45 am – Sunday

Colin and I sat back down on the sidewalk, after waving goodbye to our partners. I could see the Mz. Rainbow Pride Float coming down the street, “Kyle’s home,” I told Colin.

“Well, where is he? Did he bring Sergei?” Colin asked. Crap, I hadn’t even thought to ask about Sergei?

“It was kind of a surprise, actually,” I replied, “Alt and I ran into him in Starbucks. He was in a rush to get to the Mz. Rainbow Pride Float.”

“A surprise, I thought you two were close? And you just ran into her in Starbucks. She had to have known she was coming home if she entered the Pageant. They had the evening gown competition last weekend.”

I started to reply, when my radio beeped and I heard Brokowski’s voice, “Shots have been fired at The Center’s float.”

My heart skipped several beats, as a picture of Alton’s bloody body flashed before my eyes. I could see that Colin was having similar thoughts.

I placed a hand on Colin’s shoulder, “Colin, you have to stay here. I’ll make sure Mitch is okay, but I can’t have you rushing into a crime scene. It isn’t safe. I will have him call you. I promise.”

“Zig, I can’t just sit here,” he pleaded.

“Colin, I have got to go. Will you please go make sure Kyle is safe? I will call you as soon as I can,” I called out to him as I began to jog towards to The Center’s float.

I arrived at the float, pulled my badge from my back pocket, and flashed it to the officers on the scene.

I glanced around and saw Alton and Mitch leaning over a young man, who was lying on the ground with a trail of blood flowing from his head.


The Rainbow Pride Mystery 2/7

Alton – 10:30 pm – Saturday

We had only been home from Colin and Mitchel’s for about 20 minutes. Ziggy went out to feed the rabbits and put them in for the night, and I went upstairs to prepare my outfit for the parade. Mitch and I purchased utilikilts for the occasion. Mitch had decided to wear his kilt, Dr. Martins, pride beads and nothing else. I had decided to be a bit more sensible. I was wearing my kilt, grey “The only Bush I trust is my own” t-shirt, and my black high-top Chuck Taylor’s.

Ziggy entered the bedroom, removing his shirt and toeing off his shoes. Mmmm. “I’m going to take a shower,” he said. “Do you want to join me?”

“Mmmhmmm,” I replied with a nod, while I quickly rid myself of my clothes.

I started the shower, adjusting it to a mild warm; I didn’t want it too hot. I was planning on our generating a lot of our own heat. Divested of his clothes, Ziggy came into the bathroom and began to massage my shoulders as I continued to adjust the water temperature.

Once I had the temperature appropriately adjusted I took Ziggy by the hand and we both stepped into the shower. I pulled him to me for a long tongue-exploring kiss, which left me breathless. I really wish it had done the same for Ziggy. “That was nice Alt, but I’m exhausted, in the morning I promise,” he said with a kiss.

“Hmph,” I replied, “Then why did you ask me to join you?” I said, returning his kiss with a bite.

“Owe!” Ziggy exclaimed and applied a firm hand to my bottom. “That was completely unnecessary. I thought it would be nice to shower with you before we went to bed. I haven’t seen a lot of you this week.”

“Well, say that next time,” I mumbled.

He lifted my chin, so that our eyes met, “Hey, I’m sorry. I’ve missed you this week, I didn’t mean to lead you on, I just wanted to be with you for a little while.”

“Yeah, me too,” I replied. Ziggy poured some shampoo into his hands and then began to massage it into my scalp.

I let out a long sigh. “Forgiven?” He asked.


We were both quiet; I grabbed the soap and lathered his back and then myself, before I handed him the soap. I rinsed off. He began to talk while he washed, “The Chief is a little worried that there could be problems at the parade tomorrow, so he has put everyone not scheduled to work the event, on call.”

I ran my head under the shower nozzle, rinsed my hair, turned off the water and got out of the shower. I quickly toweled off and went into the bedroom to put pajamas on. I will admit I was in a bit of a huff I had planned on not wearing pajamas this evening.

Ziggy came out of the bathroom toweling his hair, “Hey, where’s the fire?” He asked.

“I’m just tired, so let’s go to bed,” I answered with a bit of annoyance while, very enthusiastically fluffing my pillow.

Ziggy sat on the bed and pulled me into an embrace, “Alton, are you angry because I’m on call tomorrow?”

“Hmff. What would give you that idea? It’s not like I was looking forward to spending the day with you or anything,” I replied, in a sarcastic tone. “It was Brokowski, wasn’t it? I hate him; he always schedules you or puts you on call when we have plans. He is such an ass.”

He lightly placed his hand on my cheek and turned my face, so that my eyes met his. “Yes, it was Chief Brokowski, but did you listen when I said he put everyone on call, this isn’t about me.” I lowered my head and broke our eye contact. “The break-in at The Center has the Mayor on edge, the department just wants to make sure that there aren’t any incidents at the Parade or Festival.”

“I thought you said this was just a random event.”

“Yeah, it probably is, but we can’t go off of that assumption so close to Pride, the department is going all out to make sure that they protect the community and have a safe and uneventful weekend. Brokowski just scheduled us as a precaution, I’m sure I won’t even be needed.”

“Brokowski is in charge of The Center break-in?” I asked, with a bit of outrage.

Ziggy nodded.

I sat up and got off the bed, deciding to finish preparing my outfit for tomorrow, “What kind of idiot would assign him to oversee the case, he’s probably sorry they didn’t torch the place.”

Zig sat up straight on the bed and raised his voice, so that it commanded my attention, “Alton! That’s enough of that talk. He may be on the conservative side, but he is my superior, a good cop, and he will handle this investigation accurately and professionally.”

“Yeah, sure,” I mumbled. I threw my socks and belt on top of tomorrow’s outfit, set my shoes down by the chair holding the kilt and t-shirt, and crawled back into bed. The phone rang as I gave my pillow another aggressive fluff (with my fist).

“Hello,” Ziggy answered. “Hi, CC…Yeah, I’ll ask him. Alt, CC wants to know if she can barrow your boa to wear tomorrow.”

“I lent it to one of the kids from The Center.” I replied. I pulled the pillow over my head. I was a little pissed he had answered the phone instead of reassuring me that everything would be fine tomorrow.

“Cees, he lent to one of his kids…Yeah, we’re meeting Colin and Mitch at 9:30 at Starbucks…Uhha, were going to head out about a quarter to nine to set up our chairs…No problem, of course you can drop your cooler off with us during the Parade…You and Lav are doing what?” I peeked my head out from under the pillow. “Oh, really…ah, in honor of Alt and Mitch,” Ziggy gave me a bit of a concerned look. “Hmm, that’s interesting…I hadn’t heard that…Yes, I know about Scotsmen…Tradition, yes…breezy,” he let out a laugh, as he shot me another odd look. “Okay, bye Cees, see you in the morning…Give Lav a kiss for me.” Ziggy hung up the phone and then turned to me asking, “Where are your shorts?”

“What?” I replied.

“Where are your under shorts?” He clarified.

“In the dresser drawer, where they always are,” I gave an exhausted reply.

Ziggy went over to the dresser and removed a pair of my underwear. “Alton, you have laid out all your clothes for tomorrow, but I am a little concerned that there are no under shorts with your outfit,” he said waving my shorts at me.

“That’s because I’m not wearing any.”

“Excuse me?” He asked. “My colleagues are going to be all over the place tomorrow, I don’t really want any of them checking out your jewels.”

“Oh well, you’ll just have to tell them to keep their eyes above my waist, because I’ll be freeballing tomorrow,” I replied.

“Would you like to alter that statement?”


I quickly found myself bare assed and over Ziggy’s lap. “I’ll ask you again, ‘Would you like to alter that statement?’”

My brain had not fully registered the trouble I had so quickly started, “Nnn.” I never got the ‘o’ out before the first stinging swat landed.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

8:30 am – Sunday

I pulled my softest pair of cotton boxers on underneath my kilt. Last night, Ziggy had strongly voiced his opinion about the required attire to be worn under my kilt with his voice and hand. Honestly, I had always planned on wearing shorts…I’m not quite as daring as Mitchel…but, alas my brain and mouth were operating on different wave lengths last night…and my poor bottom paid the price.

Ziggy came over and ran his hand up my kilt and softly over my boxers, “Ready to go?”

I gave him a quick peck, “Yeah, I just have to get my gun.”


The Rainbow Pride Mystery 1/7

The idea for the Kilt came from a Tarn Swan Diary entry. Although, I think Miss Twinkles, wreaked a bit more havoc than Mitchel or Alton.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Title: The Rainbow Pride Mystery
Author: Tarabeth
Pairing: Colin/Mitchel and Ziggy/Alton
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Colin – 8:30 pm – Saturday

Ziggy and I were sitting at the kitchen counter eating chubby hubby ice cream. We were thoroughly entertained by the gasps and giggles coming from the lounge. Mitchel had recently purchased Seasons One and Two of the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries. He and Alton had been slumped on the couch for the past 5 hours watching the first season.

“Have you heard anything more about the break-in at the center?” I asked Ziggy. Ziggy was a detective on the local police force and he had been assigned to cover the recent break-in at the local Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center.

“Nope,” he replied, “from what we can tell, it looks like it may have been a pretty random event.”

The ice cream container was taken from my hand, while I was mid scoop. “Are you talking about the break-in?” Mitch asked.

“Good luck getting anything out of him,” Alton whined, “something about not talking about an open case…blah…blah…blah.”

Ziggy smiled, “Alton, I will be happy to fill you in on all the details, when they are made available to the public. I have told you that.”

“Good job, it is being married to a detective, when he won’t even share any of the juicy details of the hottest story to hit the community in months.” Alton said to Mitch, as they absconded with the ice cream, leaving Zig and I holding our empty spoons.

9:35 am – Sunday

I glanced down at my watch, 9:35, we were so late. “Mitchel! We were supposed to meet Alton and Ziggy downtown 5 minutes ago.” I felt my cell phone buzz, “Hi Zig. Yes, his highness is still primping. I know were late. Are you saving us a space? What’s that noise? No, they’re not the Women’s Motorcycle Contingent anymore. They went back to Dykes on Bikes. Yeah, I’ll go drag him from the bathroom right now. Oh, that would be great. I’ll have a vente, iced latte…Mitch will have a tall, DECAF, non-fat, mocha with whip.”

“I’m ready, and I want a grande, CAFFINATED, non-fat, no-whip mocha.” I tilted my head and pursed my lips at him. “Please?” he asked with a little smile.

“Did you catch that?” I asked. “Great. No were walking. We should see you in about 20-25 minutes. Yeah, all right. Bye.” I looked Mitchel over, what I striking man. He was wearing a khaki utilikilt, his 14-eye black Dr. Martens, his rainbow beads around his neck, and I was a little concerned, nothing else. Argh, he is sexy. The kilt rested low on his hips, amply displaying his firm stomach, and lovely navel. He waxed his chest, but left the soft trail of hair that led from his belly button down to his cock, because he knew how it turned me on. The hem of the kilt fell to just below his knees and eloquently showed of his sculpted calves. “Mitchel, lift your kilt.” I instructed.

“Oh, you are a horny bastard. I thought we were late.” He said with a cheeky grin moving over to me for a kiss.

“Just making sure that you are not planning on attending the parade, commando.” I replied. “Show me, please.”

Mitch gave a little huff and bared his full glory for me. As, I thought. I tossed a pair of black, cotton, boxer briefs at him. “Put them on please.”

“Colin.” He whined, drawing out each syllable. “It is a kilt, you’re supposed to go sans underpants, that’s the whole point, it’s tradition.”

“Mitchel, you are half Japanese and half Mexican, and wearing a utilikilt to the Gay Pride Parade, I think it will be fine if you break with tradition and put your boxers on.”

“I bet Alton won’t be wearing any underpants.” He mumbled under his breath. He and Alton had ordered the kilts, just for today.

“That’s fine, Alton isn’t my partner, you are. And you will be wearing underpants under your kilt.” I kissed him on the forehead, took the briefs back from him, and held them out so he could step into them.

I watched as Mitchel loaded his cargo pockets with sunscreen, chapstick, his wallet, keys, cell phone and bubbles. He then retrieved his bubble gun from the hall closet and secured it to his kilt. “Are you ready, lover?” I asked.

“As ever.” He replied and we were off.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
We arrived at the parade just a few minutes late, but had missed CC and Lavender on CC’s new bike. I was disappointed; until Alton shared that the girls had decided to ride topless this year. Although it might have been interesting to see, CC and her watermelon sized breasts and Lavender, flat as a pancake, or maybe I should say, flat as two pancakes. Such an interesting pair they are Lavender, tall and lean, CC short and squat. I would never have pictured them, until I actually saw how well they fit together.

Mitchel gave me a dirty look as I reflected on CC and Lavenders breasts; I don’t think he liked the idea that I was fine with the lesbians being topless, when he wanted to be bottomless. I reminded him that he was topless, and that was all the exhibitionism I was allowing.

Mitchel and I were grateful for our coffees and even more thankful for our fabulous curbside seats. I gave Ziggy a quick kiss. “Sorry, it took a little longer than I thought.” I said.

“Underpants?” Ziggy asked.

I nodded. “You too?” I asked.

“We had our discussion last night.” He said rolling his eyes towards Alton. Mitch and Alton both had their bubble guns going at full blast, decorating the parade participants with a steady stream of little soap bubbles.

The crowd roared as we all felt the thumping of music coming from the Boy Bar float, which was provocatively decorated with scantly clad, and naked go-go dancers. Zig and I laughed and watched as our partners ran into the street to join the traveling dancers.

Mitch and Alton returned a short time later, each baring several strings of Mardi Gras beads. I shot Mitchel a concerned look. “We only showed our tits.” He replied, as if reading my mind, giving a little tweak to his nipple. Alton seductively raised his shirt and blew Ziggy a kiss.

I pulled Mitchel down onto my lap, “Sit with me for a while.” I said. We sat together and watched for the next half hour and cheered, laughed and chatted with Ziggy and Alton as we watched the politicians, dance troupes, cheer leaders, softball league, PFAG, and a few other club floats roll by.

When the GLBTQ center contingent passed by Alton and Mitchel jumped up, kissing Zig and I, and gave a little a shout to let us know they would meet us at the festival. Mitch and Alton volunteered together at the center facilitating one of the youth groups. They had told their kids and co-facilitators that they would join them enroute. I watched as Mitchel moved up behind one of his friends, steeling his boa, Mitchel wrapped the boa around both of them and danced to the booming music coming from the float. Watching Mitchel, I thought, there are few things in life as good as watching happiness emanate from a loved one.
Alton and Mitchel had only been gone for a few minutes. When Ziggy’s radio when off. Ziggy was on call, during the Parade and Festival. His superiors had told him they would call him if he were needed.

I went pale as I heard the announcement from Zig’s radio, “Shots had been fired at the Center’s float.”