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The Rainbow Pride Mystery - Part 7/7

Title: The Rainbow Pride Mystery - Part 7/7
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Colin & Mitchel, Ziggy & Alton, CC & Lavender
Discipline: Hand & Paddle

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Alton – Monday 1:30 am

I sat in the passenger seat with tears running down my eyes. I was in big trouble. I had broken several laws and most of Ziggy’s rules. I had almost gotten Kyle hurt, and Lavender, Mitch and I had all come very close to being seriously injured.

Ziggy was fuming. He is man who can usually contain his anger and frustration. He has to it is part of his job. He could look calm, cool, and collected in the most stressful situations. But Ziggy has one little tick when he is particularly angry…or maybe more specifically particularly angry with me. He taps. Sometimes it is his fingers against a thigh, fingers on a desk, this morning it was his thumb on the steering wheel.

The car was quiet except for his tapping. The radio was off. He was most likely reviewing his future lecture to me. ‘Sorry,’ wouldn’t cut it today. I had no words that would. I wasn’t sure what I had done was even a forgivable offence. I had endangered his little brother’s life, interfered with an investigation, and come very close to ruining an arrest. I was surprised he was even driving me home. I suppose I could call a cab after he asked me to leave, after I packed a bag. I had thought we would be together forever. Kyle and I had been friends almost our whole lives and now I had ruined it. The Center would probably fire me. I can’t image that either Colin and Mitchel or CC and Lavender would take me in. I would have no place to go. I had ruined my relationships with my partner and all of my friends and most likely my career.

God, I hope this wasn’t on the news. I could just see my parents’ horror. This is probably exactly what they thought would happen to me. Their only son on television in a skirt at the gay pride parade involved in some perverted homosexual crime of steeling tiaras and fixing a drag queen beauty pageant.

He pulled into the driveway, I got out of the car and went to go get in my own car, so I could start my new life, alone.

“Where do you think you are going?” Ziggy asked.

“I’ll come clear out my stuff later this week,” I told him.

Ziggy came over to me and pulled me into a tight hug, “Oh, Alton, honey, I don’t want you to leave. I never want you to leave,” he told me.

“But, I embarrassed you at work, risked you brother’s life, how can you trust me? How can love me?” I cried onto his shoulder.

“Honey, you made a mistake. A bad mistake, but you did it out of love for Kyle. Although it was not the correct thing to do, I love you for taking that risk,” he said, pulling me into a soft kiss.

I leaned out of the kiss and made a sad yet hopeful face, “So, I’m not in trouble?”

Ziggy laughed while planting a very firm swat to my butt, “Oh, you are in so much trouble, I am not sure you even comprehend.”


“I suggest you go get the paddle and then find yourself a nice corner,” he informed me. “Oh, and the underwear I made you put on this morning, they will be coming down.”

***    ***    ***    ***    ***    *** 

CC – Monday 1:45 am

I really regretted sending her home alone, but she was exhausted and horribly embarrassed, I had no choice but to stay at the station and wrap up my report, and it was a tough decision between sending her home to dwell on her punishment or having her sit at the station dwelling on the accident. I finally decided it was best to send her home.

I could hear the television from the front porch. “Lavender,” I called to her as I walked in the house. I hadn’t told her to go to bed. I knew she would be unable to sleep until we had handled her punishment, and lying in bed waiting for me would have been torture for her.

“I’m in here,” I heard her quietly respond from the lounge. I walked over to the couch and pulled her into gentle embrace and she clutched me tightly and began to sob into my shoulder, “I’m really sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose. I never meant to cause so much trouble. I’m so, so, sorry. Cees, please don’t be mad. I really thought I had closed the saddle bag.”

I placed my hand on the top of her head, and gently pressed her head back against my shoulder, and let her continue to cry while I spoke softly into her ear, “Baby, shh, my baby. I love you. I will always love you. Shh, my sweet Lavender, I am not angry about the flat tire. Shh.”

“You’re not angry,” she sniffed, “so you’re not going to spank me?” she questioned.

“Baby, I am not going to spank you for the flat tire,” I replied.

“Oh,” she said sitting up and wiping the tears from her eyes, “but you seem like you are angry.”

“Yes, baby, I am angry that you lead Alton and Mitchel into danger by taking them over to the Mz. Rainbow Pride Float, after I had specifically told you to stay away,” I raised her chin so that her eyes met mine, “Lavender, that one action practically blew the whole bust, but what makes me truly angry, is that not only did you do exactly what I told you not to, but you took Alton and Mitchel, and that put the three of you in a lot of danger.”

Tears began to flow down her face again, “I’m really, sorry. We were trying to protect Kyle, we thought he was in danger, and you and Ziggy were busy, we had to make sure Kyle was okay. How can you be angry about that?” she asked.

“How can I be angry about that?” I repeated, “You endangered your life, you are my life and my love, what would I do without you? I am furious that you would put yourself in danger. I’m going to leave an impression on your butt that will make you think long and hard about ever risking yourself or others,” Lavender gulped, “now do you understand why I am angry?”

She nodded, I stood her up and quickly lowered her sweat pants to bare her bottom, she sniffled as I helped her to lay across my lap, “Lavender Flower Johnston,” (her parents were hippies) I said as I landed the first of many firm slaps to her bottom, “you do not disobey me.”

“I’m sorry Cee, I am, please stop,” she pleaded.

“Lavender, I am no where near stopping this spanking,” her sniffles became cries,
“you do not put yourself or others into dangerous situations,” I said as I picked up both the tempo and the intensity of her spanking, “do you understand that?”

“Yyyeeesss,” she cried, “I un…under…understand,” I continued to smack her bottom, until I felt that Lavender had reached the point of true understanding. She scooted off of my lap and retreated to the corner of the couch, curling into a ball and her cries took on a more tired and hurt tone.

I got up, closed up the house, and then took my lovely wife’s hand and lead her up to bed. I helped her to undress, gathered her into my arms, and cuddled her with loving reassurances that all was forgiven, until her cries calmed and she quietly fell asleep in my arms.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

Colin – Monday 12:15 am

It was after midnight before we got home from the police station. I was feeling a strange sense of exhaustion and alertness.

“Mitchel, I think it is time we talk about your little caper,” Mitch continued to look down fidgeting with the clasp of his watch.

“The Hardy Boys never got spanked,” Mitchel let out in a soft whine.

“Yes, well had either of them been my partner, they would have had very sore bottoms,” I replied. Mitchel’s face began to turn a soft pink. I gently took his hand and led him over to the couch.

“If you had been their partner, we wouldn’t have had all those fun books to read,” he mumbled.

I helped him lay across my lap, I lifted his kilt and lowered his boxers, continuing to lecture as I began a steady stream of very firm spanks, “Yes, dear, you are correct because, I have absolutely no intent of your ‘Great Rainbow Pride Mystery’ having a sequel.”

The End

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