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The Rainbow Pride Mystery 3/7

Title: The Rainbow Pride Mystery 3/7
Author: Tarabeth
Pairing: Ziggy/Alton and introducing Zsa Zsa
Warnings: a little blood...
Thank you, dear Nicole, for helping with pronouns...if they are confusing it is my fault.

Ziggy – 9:40 am – Sunday

“Can I help you?” The handsome young barista asked.

“Yeah, I’ll have a vente, iced tea, black, unsweetened; a vente, iced, latte; a grande, non-fat, no whip, mocha; and,” I looked over to Alton. He was still staring at the menu his face slightly contorted with a look of utter indecision. This was our routine; Alton had to agonize over his options, every morning, until he ultimately ALWAYS ordered a tall, soy, no whip, hot chocolate. “Alt, do you know what you want?” I asked.

“I can’t decide. The orange crème frappachino looks really good,” he said, his face still showing his indecisiveness, “or maybe a passion iced tea.”

“What about a hot chocolate?” I offered.

“Oh, that sounds perfect,” he said giving me his sweet smile, as if he had never considered the possibility.

“And a tall, soy, no whip, hot chocolate,” I said, looking to Alton for confirmation. He nodded. I paid and we moved over to the pick-up counter to wait for our drinks.

“AL-TON,” I heard a high-pitched shriek, coming from behind us. Zsa Zsa Galore, or as his mother knows him, Kyle, ran up to Alton sweeping him off his feat and into a spinning hug. This was no easy feet, as Zsa was wearing six-inch platform, metallic fuchsia sandals ornamented with rhinestone butterflies. The heals of the sandals were made of stacked spears, which reminded me of an anal toy that Alton had been begging me buy. Zsa’s outfit consisted of a thinly strapped bright pink, satin embroidered floral corset, which displayed cleavage any woman would die for, a matching stretch satin pencil skirt, and pink fish net stockings. Zsa Zsa was sporting a beautiful blonde pageboy wig along with a classic French manicure and pedicure. A beautiful black pearl choker necklace with a floral motif centerpiece, and matching bracelet, earrings, and ring accented the outfit. The ring was worn over soft pink opera length gloves.

I realize it is odd for a police detective to be aware of such fashion detail, but you see Kyle is my little brother, and just as he can recite police code with the best officers on the beat, I pay strong attention to the details of Zsa Zsa’s costumes.

Kyle set Alton back on his feet and pulled me into a long held embrace. He kissed me on the cheek as I asked, “What are you doing here? I thought you were on tour.” Kyle is an acrobat and tumbler for a major circus company; he keeps an apartment here, but is on the road most of the year.

He pulled off one of his gloves and gently whipped his lipstick imprint off of my cheek, “Our equipment had a minor malfunction and has to be reworked. So, I am off for a couple of weeks and I decided to come home and capture the Mz. Rainbow Pride Crown,” he answered.

I turned to Alton, “Did you know he was coming home?” It’s rare that Kye would show up unannounced. Alton and I speak with him at least once or twice a week.

“No,” Alt replied, pulling Kyle into another embrace, “but, I am happy she’s here.”

Kyle and Alton are both 26, and they have been best friends since the 4th grade. For the majority of my life, Alton Riggs was one of my little brother’s snotty, troublesome friends. He was a constant annoyance at our house, even after Kyle left to study circus arts. I figured that Alton’s continued presence at my parent’s house was because he missed Kyle, and being with our family was a way to lessen his loneliness; that is until he kissed me.

“You’re beautiful, Kye,” Alton said, as he glanced over Kyle’s ensemble, “Did you make it?” He asked, while running a finger across the intricate embroidery of Zsa Zsa’s corset.

Kyle gently nodded, “Alton, baby, what the fuck are you wearing?” Kyle gave a little flick to Alton’s kilt. The sarcasm and disgusted tone of voice was truly that of the embodiment of Zsa; Kyle would never tease Alton that way.

I shot Kye a look of displeasure with his treatment of my partner, but Alton let out a laugh, “It’s great isn’t it. Mitch and I ordered them. He’ll be here in a little while, but I doubt he has boxers on under his,” Alton’s voice had now taken on a note of displeasure.

“Darling, you’re not wearing panties under your skirt, are you?” Kyle asked. “Didn’t I teach you better?”

Alton gave a little nod of his head in my direction, causing Kye to let out his masculine laugh, “Oh, my big brother is such a prude,” he said throwing his arm around my shoulder.

I landed a light swat on Kye’s ass.

“Incest is not best, big brother! Keep your hands to yourself,” Kyle responded while moving my hand away from him and to my side.

I let out a soft chuckle, “God, I miss you kid,” I said, quickly pulling Kye into a rough, brotherly embrace.

“Watch the dress, Ziegfeld!” he said, quickly pushing me away.

Kyle, Alton and the third member of their troupe of cross dressing 10 year olds, Melvin Mitchel, knighted me Sir Ziegfeld, during the time I served as the 13 year-old producer and protector of their follies. The name was eventually shortened to Ziggy, and here I stand 16 years later.

“Alton and I are meeting Colin and Mitch in a couple of minutes to watch the parade, come join us,” I offered an invitation to Kyle.

“Sorry, love, I will be on the Mz. Rainbow Pride Float with the rest of the contestants. I have to run, or those other queen’s will snag all the best spots,” Kyle blew a kiss and quickly exited the shop.

I picked up our tray of drinks, Alton grabbed the rest of our gear and we left to claim our seat along the Parade route.

We were sitting on the sidewalk when CC and Lavender pulled up in front of us on CC’s Harley. CC was wearing slightly too tight black leather pants and a white tank top. She obviously didn’t have a bra on, as the thin material of her tank top fully displayed all of her ample bosoms. Lavender was on the back of the bike holding a small ice chest; she was wearing a very short pair of jean shorts (they might be better described as jean hot pants) and a spiky black leather bra.

Lavender handed the cooler to Alton, and hopped off the back of the bike. She wasted no time in peeking a look under Alton’s kilt, and let out disapproving, “Pthhht” when she discovered that his privates were not public, “Hey, I thought you were going Keanu.”

Alton slightly stuttered, “Well, there are going to be a lot of Ziggy’s colleagues around, so, uh, I thought it was probably better to cover up,” he answered while looking at the ground and swaying slightly. I took his hand and gave him a gentle and reassuring squeeze.

“Big deal, a lot of my coworkers are around, and you won’t see me covering up,” Lavender replied with a giggle. Lavender works as a topless go-go dancer at Klon’s Dyke Bar.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

10:45 am – Sunday

Colin and I sat back down on the sidewalk, after waving goodbye to our partners. I could see the Mz. Rainbow Pride Float coming down the street, “Kyle’s home,” I told Colin.

“Well, where is he? Did he bring Sergei?” Colin asked. Crap, I hadn’t even thought to ask about Sergei?

“It was kind of a surprise, actually,” I replied, “Alt and I ran into him in Starbucks. He was in a rush to get to the Mz. Rainbow Pride Float.”

“A surprise, I thought you two were close? And you just ran into her in Starbucks. She had to have known she was coming home if she entered the Pageant. They had the evening gown competition last weekend.”

I started to reply, when my radio beeped and I heard Brokowski’s voice, “Shots have been fired at The Center’s float.”

My heart skipped several beats, as a picture of Alton’s bloody body flashed before my eyes. I could see that Colin was having similar thoughts.

I placed a hand on Colin’s shoulder, “Colin, you have to stay here. I’ll make sure Mitch is okay, but I can’t have you rushing into a crime scene. It isn’t safe. I will have him call you. I promise.”

“Zig, I can’t just sit here,” he pleaded.

“Colin, I have got to go. Will you please go make sure Kyle is safe? I will call you as soon as I can,” I called out to him as I began to jog towards to The Center’s float.

I arrived at the float, pulled my badge from my back pocket, and flashed it to the officers on the scene.

I glanced around and saw Alton and Mitch leaning over a young man, who was lying on the ground with a trail of blood flowing from his head.


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