Thursday, June 17, 2010


Title: Red
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Rainbow Pride Troup (Ziggy and Alton)

“It wawwn’t my fawt…,” I said sticking my finger in my mouth. Ziggy pulled it out to examine the bleeding digit. “That needle is evil.  It stabbed me.”  I pouted.

“You need to use a thimble.”

“A thimble makes it difficult to thread the sequins.”  Ziggy rolled his eyes, and then kissed my injured finger. 

“Owe, don’t press on it,” I complained.  Which earned me a combined kiss and swat. 

Ziggy took me by the arm and guided me into the bathroom.  He washed and dried the finger before applying a rainbow Band-Aid. “That should match your hot pants perfectly.”

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