Friday, February 29, 2008

The Rainbow Pride Mystery - Part 6/7

Title: The Rainbow Pride Mystery - Part 6/7
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Colin & Mitchel, Ziggy & Alton, Lavender, Kyle/Miss Zsa Zsa Galore

*** *** *** *** *** ***

11:30 am – Sunday

“This has to be tied to the break-in, it just can’t be a coincidence that in the same month The Center was broken into, someone fires a gun and flattens the tire on The Center’s float,” I said.

“Do you think?” Alton questioned, “Zig said it was just a random act.”

“Yeah, a random act, until this happened,” I replied. “I bet there must be some link to the Ms. Rainbow Pride Pageant or Ziggy wouldn’t have told us to stay away from there,” I continued.

Alton interjected, “Maybe, Zig did seem a little concerned when we ran into Zsa Zsa, and she said she had entered the pageant, and it seemed really weird that we didn’t know Kyle had come home to compete.”

“PSST! Alton!” I heard a female voice call.

Alton got up off the bumper and moved towards the voice, “Lav, what are you doing here?”

I peeked over Alton’s shoulder, and let out a little giggle, “um, Lav, I don’t think CC would appreciate you being topless over here.”

“Mitch, keep it down, CC’ll kick my ass, if she knows I am over here,” she replied.

“So, why are you here?” Alton asked.

“I lost my bra. I came looking for it,” she responded, “Hey, Alt, lend me your shirt?”

Alton made a face, “Yeah, I guess,” he responded, while he reluctantly took off his shirt.

Lavender took the shirt, pulled it over her head and tied the bottom corner into a knot, “Did you say that Kyle entered the Mz. Rainbow Pride Pageant?” she asked.

“Yeah, why?” I questioned in response.

“I just heard someone request back-up to the Float, come on, we better go make sure Kyle is okay,” she said pulling Alton and I away from the ambulance and back onto the parade route.

We weaved our way through the crowd towards the Pageant float. When the float came into view, I saw Tallulah Tourmaline tackle Kyle and there were police surrounding the float with guns drawn.

Kyle quickly flipped over, brought his knees up to his chest, sunk his six-inch sandals into Tallulah’s abdomen and pushed her off of him. He was then quickly on his feet, ran his hand over his corset and took a defensive stance.

Tallulah lunged for him again. Kyle back flipped over her and landed perfectly on his feet. Jeeze, I know the man is a professional, but that was IMPRESSIVE.

“We have got to help him,” Lav stated.

“What are we going to do? There are police everywhere,” Alton stated.

“We have to get the police out of here, they could accidentally shoot Kyle. I’ll cause a distraction and then you two go get Kyle out of there,” Lavender instructed.

“Umm, Lav…I’m not sure Ziggy or CC would be very happy with us for interfering,” Alton informed her.

“We have to do something,” I told them. “Lav, what are you going to do?”

“I’ll think of something, you’ll know when you hear it, just make sure you are ready to go get Kyle,” she instructed us.

Lavender ran off.

Alton and I drew our bubble guns in preparation for the ambush.

We heard a large crash, it sounded like glass shattering and then a very loud scream.

Alton and I jumped onto the float and made a rush for Kyle.

“Alton!” Kyle screamed, as Tallulah took Alton hostage.

Kyle pushed me out of the way and the next thing I knew CC was pulling me off of the float to safety. She quickly got me out of the way, shouting, “Go find Colin!”

Colin came running up to me and pulled me into a tight hug. “Thank god you are okay,” he said checking me over.

“Alton, what about Alton?” I said in a panic.

“The police will get him, honey. Don’t worry,” he tried to reassure me, but he didn’t sound all that confident.

We retreated from the float but still had a clear view of everything that was happening.

“Alton, herkie,” I heard Kyle shout.

“Kye?” Alton questions.

“Herkie,” Kyle repeated.

Alton brought his legs up into the cheerleading jump and Kyle quickly swept Tallulah’s feet out from underneath her, grabbing a hold of Alton pulling him into a tuck and then somersaulting them both off the float and to safety.

The police swarmed Tallulah, taking her into custody. I heard her shout, “I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling Queens!”

Ziggy ran over to Alton and Kyle, pulling them both into a tight embrace.

I started towards them, but Colin pulled me to him, “You stay right here with me until the police come to talk to us.”

The police did come and fetch me; well more specifically Ziggy and CC fetched Lavender, Alton and I. We were taken down to the station.

There was a long discussion about whether or not the three of us would be charged with interfering with a police action. I couldn’t tell whether Ziggy and CC thought we should be charged or were just to embarrassed to defend us.

Eventually the chief decided not to press charges as a favor to Kyle for all of his hard work. Tallulah was arrested and charged with burglary, conspiracy to fix the beauty pageant, kidnapping, and endangering the public safety.

CC sent Lavender home while she and Ziggy finished their paper work. Ziggy wasn’t willing to let Alton out of his site. Colin thanked Kyle for saving my life. Serge arrived at the station and greeted his hero with great fan fare before taking him home.

Colin and I said our goodbyes to CC, Ziggy, and Alton and headed for home.

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