Sunday, June 20, 2010


Title: Turquoise
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Rainbow Pride Troupe (Kyle and Mitchel)

Sergei gave me a very scary look.  “I didn’t mean to upset him.” I received a scarier look.  “I’ll fix it.  I promise.”

I walked around the table to where Colin and Mitchel were getting up.  “I’m sorry,” I said, looking very remorseful to both men. 

I pulled my shirt up to show the long scar down my belly.  “I still go shirtless.  Ziggy show him the scars on your butt—wait, never mind.”  The tension at the table was lessoning.  “You are too beautiful to let the scar rule your fashion decisions.  Stay.  Please.  I’ll buy you another scary turquoise drink.”

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