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The Rainbow Pride Mystery 1/7

The idea for the Kilt came from a Tarn Swan Diary entry. Although, I think Miss Twinkles, wreaked a bit more havoc than Mitchel or Alton.

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Title: The Rainbow Pride Mystery
Author: Tarabeth
Pairing: Colin/Mitchel and Ziggy/Alton
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Colin – 8:30 pm – Saturday

Ziggy and I were sitting at the kitchen counter eating chubby hubby ice cream. We were thoroughly entertained by the gasps and giggles coming from the lounge. Mitchel had recently purchased Seasons One and Two of the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries. He and Alton had been slumped on the couch for the past 5 hours watching the first season.

“Have you heard anything more about the break-in at the center?” I asked Ziggy. Ziggy was a detective on the local police force and he had been assigned to cover the recent break-in at the local Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center.

“Nope,” he replied, “from what we can tell, it looks like it may have been a pretty random event.”

The ice cream container was taken from my hand, while I was mid scoop. “Are you talking about the break-in?” Mitch asked.

“Good luck getting anything out of him,” Alton whined, “something about not talking about an open case…blah…blah…blah.”

Ziggy smiled, “Alton, I will be happy to fill you in on all the details, when they are made available to the public. I have told you that.”

“Good job, it is being married to a detective, when he won’t even share any of the juicy details of the hottest story to hit the community in months.” Alton said to Mitch, as they absconded with the ice cream, leaving Zig and I holding our empty spoons.

9:35 am – Sunday

I glanced down at my watch, 9:35, we were so late. “Mitchel! We were supposed to meet Alton and Ziggy downtown 5 minutes ago.” I felt my cell phone buzz, “Hi Zig. Yes, his highness is still primping. I know were late. Are you saving us a space? What’s that noise? No, they’re not the Women’s Motorcycle Contingent anymore. They went back to Dykes on Bikes. Yeah, I’ll go drag him from the bathroom right now. Oh, that would be great. I’ll have a vente, iced latte…Mitch will have a tall, DECAF, non-fat, mocha with whip.”

“I’m ready, and I want a grande, CAFFINATED, non-fat, no-whip mocha.” I tilted my head and pursed my lips at him. “Please?” he asked with a little smile.

“Did you catch that?” I asked. “Great. No were walking. We should see you in about 20-25 minutes. Yeah, all right. Bye.” I looked Mitchel over, what I striking man. He was wearing a khaki utilikilt, his 14-eye black Dr. Martens, his rainbow beads around his neck, and I was a little concerned, nothing else. Argh, he is sexy. The kilt rested low on his hips, amply displaying his firm stomach, and lovely navel. He waxed his chest, but left the soft trail of hair that led from his belly button down to his cock, because he knew how it turned me on. The hem of the kilt fell to just below his knees and eloquently showed of his sculpted calves. “Mitchel, lift your kilt.” I instructed.

“Oh, you are a horny bastard. I thought we were late.” He said with a cheeky grin moving over to me for a kiss.

“Just making sure that you are not planning on attending the parade, commando.” I replied. “Show me, please.”

Mitch gave a little huff and bared his full glory for me. As, I thought. I tossed a pair of black, cotton, boxer briefs at him. “Put them on please.”

“Colin.” He whined, drawing out each syllable. “It is a kilt, you’re supposed to go sans underpants, that’s the whole point, it’s tradition.”

“Mitchel, you are half Japanese and half Mexican, and wearing a utilikilt to the Gay Pride Parade, I think it will be fine if you break with tradition and put your boxers on.”

“I bet Alton won’t be wearing any underpants.” He mumbled under his breath. He and Alton had ordered the kilts, just for today.

“That’s fine, Alton isn’t my partner, you are. And you will be wearing underpants under your kilt.” I kissed him on the forehead, took the briefs back from him, and held them out so he could step into them.

I watched as Mitchel loaded his cargo pockets with sunscreen, chapstick, his wallet, keys, cell phone and bubbles. He then retrieved his bubble gun from the hall closet and secured it to his kilt. “Are you ready, lover?” I asked.

“As ever.” He replied and we were off.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
We arrived at the parade just a few minutes late, but had missed CC and Lavender on CC’s new bike. I was disappointed; until Alton shared that the girls had decided to ride topless this year. Although it might have been interesting to see, CC and her watermelon sized breasts and Lavender, flat as a pancake, or maybe I should say, flat as two pancakes. Such an interesting pair they are Lavender, tall and lean, CC short and squat. I would never have pictured them, until I actually saw how well they fit together.

Mitchel gave me a dirty look as I reflected on CC and Lavenders breasts; I don’t think he liked the idea that I was fine with the lesbians being topless, when he wanted to be bottomless. I reminded him that he was topless, and that was all the exhibitionism I was allowing.

Mitchel and I were grateful for our coffees and even more thankful for our fabulous curbside seats. I gave Ziggy a quick kiss. “Sorry, it took a little longer than I thought.” I said.

“Underpants?” Ziggy asked.

I nodded. “You too?” I asked.

“We had our discussion last night.” He said rolling his eyes towards Alton. Mitch and Alton both had their bubble guns going at full blast, decorating the parade participants with a steady stream of little soap bubbles.

The crowd roared as we all felt the thumping of music coming from the Boy Bar float, which was provocatively decorated with scantly clad, and naked go-go dancers. Zig and I laughed and watched as our partners ran into the street to join the traveling dancers.

Mitch and Alton returned a short time later, each baring several strings of Mardi Gras beads. I shot Mitchel a concerned look. “We only showed our tits.” He replied, as if reading my mind, giving a little tweak to his nipple. Alton seductively raised his shirt and blew Ziggy a kiss.

I pulled Mitchel down onto my lap, “Sit with me for a while.” I said. We sat together and watched for the next half hour and cheered, laughed and chatted with Ziggy and Alton as we watched the politicians, dance troupes, cheer leaders, softball league, PFAG, and a few other club floats roll by.

When the GLBTQ center contingent passed by Alton and Mitchel jumped up, kissing Zig and I, and gave a little a shout to let us know they would meet us at the festival. Mitch and Alton volunteered together at the center facilitating one of the youth groups. They had told their kids and co-facilitators that they would join them enroute. I watched as Mitchel moved up behind one of his friends, steeling his boa, Mitchel wrapped the boa around both of them and danced to the booming music coming from the float. Watching Mitchel, I thought, there are few things in life as good as watching happiness emanate from a loved one.
Alton and Mitchel had only been gone for a few minutes. When Ziggy’s radio when off. Ziggy was on call, during the Parade and Festival. His superiors had told him they would call him if he were needed.

I went pale as I heard the announcement from Zig’s radio, “Shots had been fired at the Center’s float.”


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